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Book Review Tuesday (12/29/15)- The Search for WondLa

I’m starting a new tradition here on the Neon Cheetah- Book Review Tuesday! It’s basically just a weekly book review/recommendation for all of my followers. Of course, I’m probably not going to do Harry Potter or Warriors or The Hunger Games because virtually everyone knows about them (although all of them are great). So today, for the very first BRT, I’m going to tell you about The Search for WondLa series (otherwise known as THE BEST SERIES IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!!)

Book One



(sorry in advance for the size of the first two pictures.)
Summary-Eva Nine, a girl living in an underground Sanctuary with only her robot caretaker for company, longs to discover the world aboveground. But when her sanctuary is destroyed, the outside world turns out to be more strange and dangerous than she could ever have imagined.But are there others like her? Together with Muthr, her robot caretaker, and Rovender Kitt, an inhabitant of the aboveground world, Eva Nine will find out.

Book Two


Summary-Eva Nine’s vision of others truly like her has come true, and she is about to arrive in the human city! But there, she uncovers a secret that may lead to the fall of the planet itself…


Book Three (the final book)


Summary-Eva Nine has failed to stop the human invasion, and now she must defeat them in order for peace to arrive. But a terrifying secret that only she knows may change the course of the battle. Now she must turn the tables so that the planet may survive…


I hope I convinced you enough! READ IT! YOU MUST REEEEEEEEAAAAADDD IIIIIIITTTTTT!!!! (Also, notice that both Suzanne Collins and Rick Riordan loved this book)

Also, here’s a beautiful quote from the first book-



Ciao, everyone! 🙂





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