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Book Review Tuesday (1/5/16)-Blackbird Fly

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to Book Review Tuesday. Today, I have a beautiful  book to recommend-Blackbird Fly. Blackbird-Fly-Erin-Entrada-Kelly.jpg

(whoa…didn’t realize how big this image would be…)

Blackbird Fly is about Apple Yengko, a girl who moved from the Philippines at age four because of her father’s sudden death. She has one reminder of him-a Beatles tape. Now in seventh grade, Apple has problems- a stubborn mother, mean boys-and girls-and now she’s been coined the third-ugliest girl in school. Will Apple make it through? And in the end, will she actually get a life? And not to mention, a guitar?

This is a great book-for bookworms and Beatles Fans alike. I hope you enjoy! And P.S-Happy New Year!



devours books. breathes music. dreams of space. writes about it all. she/her ⭐︎ ISFJ ⭐︎ bisexual ⭐︎ spd

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