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Book Review Tuesday (2/9/16)-Warriors: Super Edition-Moth Flight’s Vision

I know I said earlier that I wouldn’t do Warrior cats stuff because virtually everyone knows about it. But I just had to do this because of the SHEER AMAZINGNESS OF IT ALL

IT MADE ME CRY!!!! TWICE!! And I will not say why because the reasons are both spoilers.  Quite saddening spoilers. Okay, lets get on with the review:


Warriors: Super Edition- Moth Flight’s Vision

Moth Flight, a warrior of early WindClan and daughter of leader Wind Runner, has always been a daydreamer. Instead of hunting, she would rather chase butterflies and collect little leaves she finds. The rest of the Clan thinks she’s utterly useless. But when suddenly has dreams of dead cats and a certain green moth, things are about to change. Moth Flight is destined to be the first Medicine Cat and discover the Moonstone-a place where the spirit cats freely visit the living in their dreams. Can she convince the Clans of her significance? Will she be a worthy Medicine Cat?


Well, I hope you are convinced. Now that I’ve posted this, I’ll post MORE Warriors Super Editions! MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Oh, sorry.



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