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Book Review Tuesday (2/2/16)-Book Scavenger

Hello everyone! Happy snow day (if you live in CO) and semi-happy February. So, here I have a book that I’d like to recommend-Book Scavenger. I’m not sure if its a series or not, so don’t blame me if I have the first book. Sorry, and here goes-


Book Scavenger

Emily, and her family, have been “nomads” all their lives-moving from state to state and cataloging their adventures on a blog. And then-San Francisco. When Emily finds a copy of an Edgar Allan Poe book on the sidewalk, she’s excited. But little does she know that it holds a puzzle, secrets, and yes-typos. YES! TYPOS! Will she figure out the mystery of this little book, and who made the puzzle in the first place?


Well, good bye and have fun freezing your butts off, CO. Hahaha, sorry. Well, bye.



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