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Book Review Tuesday (1/26/16)-the Menagerie series

Hello again, everyone! Today I am recommending the Menagerie series! Yay! Awesome!


The Menagerie (1)

When Logan Wilde finds a griffin cub in his room, he suspects something fishy. But when his friend Zoe finds out, she introduces him to the Menagerie-a special sanctuary for mythical creatures. But then the cub-all of the resident griffin cubs have gone missing. Will Zoe and Logan find them before the others do?



The Menagerie (2)-Dragon on Trial

When Pelly the golden goose is missing (and bloodied feathers are discovered), Zoe, Logan, and everyone else working for the Menagerie suspect murder. And the prime suspect-an innocent dragon named Scratch. Will Zoe and Logan save him before the execution? And what actually happened to Pelly?



The Menagerie (3)-Krakens and Lies

As it turns out, Ruby, Zoe’s older sister, has been lying. And Logan has uncovered a dark secret that may mean the end of the Menagerie. Will Logan and Zoe save the Menagerie before its too late?

This is a clever, funny, action-packed, and overall awesome series! And before we go, here is a HILARIOUS quote/reference from Krakens and Lies. Please like or comment if you get it:

“Be vewy, vewy, quiet. We’re hunting jackalopes.”

-Logan Wilde

*bursts out laughing and nobody gets it*

But seriously, do you get it? Ever heard of Looney Tunes, anyone?




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