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Book Review Tuesday (1/19/16)-Castle Hangnail

Hello again! Today I have a very good-and rather hilarious-book to recommend: Castle Hangnail. It’s by the author of the Dragonbreath series (Ursula Vernon), so when I first read this, I expected something good. And it truly delivered. So here goes:


Castle Hangnail is looking for a new master. So when Molly, a twelve year old girl claiming to be a wicked witch, comes to their doorstep, the resident minions are more than a little surprised. Sure, she’s relatively witch-y, can do a bit of magic, and is obsessed with the color black, but Molly seems suspicious. She’s polite,  somewhat cheerful, and a little too…kind. But she’s a great master, even at age twelve. So what now? Is Molly the true master, or an imposter? And is she truly fit to be master of Castle Hangnail for years to come?

I hope you guys like this book as much as I did. Wicked!




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