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Book Review Tuesday (3/8/16)-Warriors-Rise of Scourge

This post is somewhat historic-the first ever Manga to make it onto BRT! I know I posted a Warriors book last week, but I just read this and it is AWESOME! Scourge-stereotypical villain, but awesome and Grand High Lord of Karma. Really, if you read this, you’d understand.


Warriors-Rise of Scourge

This is the untold story of Scourge-the infamous tyrant leader of BloodClan, a group of cats bent on destroying the forest Clans and taking it for themselves. As a kit, Scourge, then known as Tiny, was the runt and outcast. It seemed that even his mother prefered his siblings over him. But when he grows older and runs away from home, he meets ThunderClan cats-Bluefur, Thistleclaw, and Tigerpaw. Bluefur was fine, but Thistleclaw wanted Tiny out-and ordered Tigerpaw to attack the little kit. Tiny was haunted by the two cats ever since, and he set out on a mission to destroy the clans forever.


Seriously, this is a COOL BOOK. Technically Manga, but STILL. Cool!!!!


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