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Book Review Tuesday (3/15/16)-The Five Lives of Our Cat Zook

Hi! I’m kind of running out of books to review, so today I’m doing a book I read at the library this summer that I liked. CATS!



The Five Lives of Our Cat Zook

Oona and her five year old brother Fred adore their cat Zook*. But he’s getting old, and he has to stay at the vet because of an illness. Oona tries to console Fred and tell him that this is just one out of Zook’s nine lives and makes up stories about Zook’s already lived lives. All the while, Oona keeps wondering-is Zook going to make it?


I really liked this book, and in honor of, well, you know, cats, I took a picture of one of my cats with this book (I may post it later). Enjoy!




*short for Zucchini



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