Book Review Tuesday (4/26/16)-Serafina and the Black Cloak

Oh wow-April’s almost over already! For this last Tuesday of April, I’m giving you an amazing book. At first, I just had it on my Kindle as a library book, but I liked it so much that I bought it! Pretty creepy, though. BE WARNED.




For years, unbeknownst to the inhabitants of Biltmore Estate, Serafina and her pa haved lived in the basement, undetected. Serafina’s only purpose up until now was catching rats-which she did quite skillfully and in stride. But after witnessing the kidnapping (and quite possible killing) of a child by a man (or maybe not a man at all…) in a black cloak, she realizes that something has gone dreadfully wrong. Soon, other children, many related to the inhabitants of Biltmore Estate. After joining up with Braeden, Biltmore’s owner’s nephew, she discovers shocking secrets that will lead her to the man in the black cloak-and to who her true parents were. Can Serafina stop the Man in the Black Cloak?


I totally loved this book, and I am currently restringing myself from spewing out the spoilers to you. But I have a heart, so for now I’ll keep my mouth shut. Enjoy the rest of your April!


Book Review Tuesday (4/19/16)-Sky Jumpers

Hi guys! Like my last post? If so, thanks. Here’s your book review! (HELP ME! I’M HAVING AN ATTACK OF CHEERFULNESS!!


Sky Jumpers (I think this might be a series. Sorry…)

Hope is a normal girl in White Rock, a city recovering from the horrors of World War III.The only thing that isn’t normal is that she has always failed at inventions. After failing again, she discovers that bandits will invade. The people of White Rock have invented a life-saving medicine, and the bandits want it for themselves. Can Hope save the medicine, her father, and White Rock before it’s too late?

I just finished this about a day ago. And the funny thing was that in the book, there’s a big blizzard that gets in Hope’s way-and there was a blizzard here that produced over three feet of snow at our house! How weird is that? Well, heck. It’s CO.

Thank you for reading!

Book Review Tuesday (4/12/16)-Under the Green Hill

Hi everyone! This is a review for a book I read right before Varjak Paw (see previous BRT post) and liked. So yeah-here you go-


(Cool cover, right?!?)

Under the Green Hill

To escape a sickness in America, Meg Morgan and her three siblings go to a town in England to stay with their great-great aunt and uncle. But little do they know that their home and the surrounding areas are home to hundreds of mythical creatures. When Meg’s older brother Rowan is forced to compete in the Midsummer War, Meg must save his life and keep him from fighting and put hers at stake. Can she bring her brother back?


I enjoyed this book-FAIRIES! FAIRIES! MORE FAIRIES! YAY! Random. Hah, goodbye.

Book Review Tuesday (4/5/16)-Varjak Paw

Happy April, guys! This book is one that I bought recently on my kindle (and liked)


me- *finishes Varjak Paw* Hey, I wonder if the Mesopotamian Blue is a legit cat

Google search-mesopotamian blue

First result-Varjak Paw-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

me-*mental face palm*


So yeah. For future readers, the Mesopotamian Blue is not a real cat. But…NOBODY CARES!



Varjak Paw

This story follows Varjak, a purebred Mesopotamian Blue. He is shunned by his family because his eyes aren’t the correct color for the breed. But one day, the Gentleman and his twin black cats invade the house, and Varjak escapes and leaves his family behind. Now outside, he must find his way home through the city, with dangerous cat gangs and the infamous Sally Bones on the loose. Can Varjak come back home and save his family?


For all cat people (and dog people too, I guess. There is a funny little dg in this book), this is the book for you! Meow! Randomness!