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Book Review Tuesday (5/10/16)- Roller Girl

Hey guys, and  happy May! Sorry about last week. But hey-cat memes are life!


I finished this book a couple days ago after it was recommended to me at least ten times on my kindle and on Goodreads. So yeah. Here you are:




Roller Girl

For Astrid, things aren’t exactly looking up. Her best friend has just dumped her for an old enemy, and now she feels alone. But after her mom takes her to a local roller derby match, her life changes. Now, she knows what she wants to do. The day arrives, and it’s way tougher than it looks. Astrid feels significantly worse than everyone else, and she seems really slow. Can she survive summer-and roller derby?


Although it isn’t as good as some other graphic novels I’ve read, I thought Roller Girl was great!

Thank you! 🙂




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