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Book Review Tuesday (5/17/16)-The Key to the Extraordinary

Hi again! To relieve you from the Neko Atsumeness, I am presenting you with this BRT-and giving you a good read! I recently (meaning…oh, maybe a week ago?) finished and liked this book! Here you go:


The Key to the Extraordinary

All here life, Emma has lived in the small town of Blackbird Hollow, where she and her surviving family run the Boneyard Cafe and give tours in the nearby graveyard. For ages, people have known that somewhere, there is a treasure hidden near it, buried by someone named “The Conductor”. But when Emma has a strange dream-her Destiny Dream-that shows her a key-she knows she is destined to find it. On the way, she uncovers many secrets-some of which have been hidden for centuries. Will she find the treasure? And what even is the treasure?


After reading Natalie Lloyd’s previous book, A Snicker of Magic,  I heard of this book coming out soon, and for a few months I waited. I eventually forgot and then found it again, and lucky me, it was available! I borrowed it on my kindle and enjoyed it a lot. I got a lot of great quotes from The Key to the Extraordinary- maybe I’ll post some at some point!

Well, that’s it for this week’s BRT. Goodbye!



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