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Book Review Tuesday (6/14/16)- Shadows of the Silver Screen & The Black Crow Conspiracy

So, as promised last week, today I’m reviewing the other two books of the Penelope Tredwell series. Ladies and Gentleman…I present you with…PENNY TREDWELL AWESOMENESS!

(Forgive my melodrama. I just like this series a lot.)

(also forgive my usage of too late in many of my reviews. I swear, I can’t help myself.)


Shadows of the Silver Screen-69344-3

Shadows of the Silver Screen

Shortly after the invention of the motion picture, a filmmaker comes to Montgomery Flinch with a proposal to turn one of his stories into one. Reluctantly, he (or rather, she) agrees, and together they go to a secluded house in the country to film. But while the movie is slowly coming to life, strange things begin to happen with the house and the actors. Will Penny figure out what’s going on before it’s too late?



The Black Crow Conspiracy

Penny Tredwell (Montgomery Flinch) is running out of stories. So, she asks her readers to write her and give her ideas. She receives a mysterious letter soon after- it has a good idea for a story, which she publishes, but the letter has no name. There is only a drawing of crow’s silhouette. But soon rumors begin to spread- the Crown Jewels have been stolen, and the crime is suspiciously similar to the story Penny just wrote? Can she find the thief before more goes wrong?


I highly recommend this series to all of you guys who like mystery and/or have read and like the Enola Holmes series (which I may review in the future). Also, look forward to some good reviews soon- I’m currently reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, and soon I’ll be reading Raina Telegemeier’s (did I spell her last name right? Raina, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry) newest graphic novel Ghosts. Bye for now!



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