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Book Review Tuesday (6/21/16)-Upside Down Magic

Hi again! Hope your summer has been good so far! Quick note- I might not be able to do Book Review Tuesday next week. I have a legitimate excuse- I’ll be in Alaska! Woot woot! I’m probably going to make a post about that too @ some point. For now, here’s your review for this week!


Upside Down Magic

Nory isn’t your average girl. Yes, she’s a Fluxer- someone who can turn into animals- but her animals turn out a bit…wonky. Her animals are always a combination of two, whether it’s a bitten (beaver+kitten) or a dritten (dragon+kitten, shown on cover). So when she fails the Fluxing test to get into a private magic school, she is instead sent to Dunwiddle- a public magic school. But this is no ordinary magic school- there is a special program for people who have abnormal magic. Can she survive her classes- and the bullies who tease her and her friends for their magic?



Upside Down Magic- Sticks and Stones

When Dunwiddle’s charity money is mysteriously turned to a pile of stones and  bully Lacey Clench is shrunken to three inches tall, the normal students begin to have suspicions about the Upside-Down Magic class. They think that they are responsible and that they shouldn’t even be at the school. Can Nory and her friends convince them that they are innocent before they are all expelled?


This is a cute little series. The books themselves are shortish, but hey- that doesn’t  matter the most. I mean, DRITTENS! HOW CUTE IS THAT?!?!?

Bye for now! See ya in Alaska!



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