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Book Review Tuesday (7/26/16)- Darkbeast

Hi everyone!!! Lately I’ve been reading a lot, which is very exciting. For me, at least.  I’ve been waiting to read this for a little while since it was recommended to me on Goodreads. So here you go!



In the land of Duodecia, every child has a darkbeast- an animal bound to them at birth that takes all of their fear and bad thoughts. On their twelfth nameday, every child must go to the godhouse to slay their darkbeast. But Keara cannot bear the thought of losing her darkbeast, a raven named Caw. So on her nameday, she fails to kill him and runs away to join the travelers, a troupe of performers who roam the land performing their plays. Will she stay hidden from the Inquisitors, who are hunting her down because of her failure?


As I said in my Goodreads review, “Beautifully written, with an original concept to match. I just LOVE the concept of an animal, bonded to a child, that takes all of their fear, rebellion, and other bad thoughts. Great characters, creative, and just plain great.”

Thank you for reading!



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