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Book Review Tuesday (8/2/16)-Maybe A Fox

Hi everyone, and happy August! I still can’t believe summer’s almost over. Sigh…


Maybe A Fox

Eleven year old Jules and her twolve year old sister Sylvie are inseperable. Sure, one likes rock collecting and the other likes running (really, really fast), but they’re still inserperable. Jules can’t imagine life without Sylvie. But when Sylvie drowns in the nearby creek, Jules finally has to. Just as Sylvie dies, a fox cub is born. The cub is a kennen- an animal with a connection to a human. And this cub is connected to Jules. Can the cub find Jules in time? And will Jules get over the death of her sister?


I honestly forget if this made me cry or not, but I’m guessing roughly 60% of readers will cry. Beautiful book.

Also, I’m not going to review this on my blog b/c giving away the plot would spoil an awful lot, I FINISHED THE EIGHT HARRY POTTER BOOK YESTERDAY. SO AWESOME.




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