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Book Review Tuesday (8/16/16)- Courage for Beginners

Before I start this review, note that this book is not a self-help book.

Hello again, everyone! This is my last book review before summer ends…sigh…it went by so quickly, but it was a good summer. Anyway, here’s your book.


Courage for Beginners

Mysti Murphy’s life is a whole lot less than perfect- her mother is agoraphobic, her dad is in the hospital after falling from a tree, and her best friend has left her for a “social experiment”- becoming a hipster to get the attention of a certain cheerleader. Life is just not in her favor. Oh, how she wishes she was a fictional character. In books, things always seem to work out perfectly. Can she survive seventh grade?


I’d consider this more of a light read, but that certainly doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. Have a good rest of your summer!





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