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Book Review Tuesday (8/23/16)- Monstrous (series)

I am so exciting to be posting this book today! It’s one of my new favorites, and I hope you will. It’s a lot like Frankenstein, but with castles, hybrids, dragons, roses, and a bit of romance and sea monsters.



Kymera was created by her father, with a mostly human body with added raven’s wings, cat eyes and claws, and a serpent’s  tail (with three stinging barbs). Her purpose is to rescue the girls of Bryre, who are all ill and dying thanks to the curse of a wizard. But when a human boy spots her on one of her nightly trips, Kymera befriends him. But the dark secrets he knows will make her never the same again…



Greta, one of the girls who was saved from the wizard’s curse, has a problem. Her brother Hans has been kidnapped by a cannibalistic witch! To save him, she must find the famed Cornucopia, a neverending source of food, and give it to the witch. Can she complete the quest in time to rescue her brother?


I highly recommend this book! Also, if you look at the back cover of Ravenous…


Notice the witch’s hut.

Is anyone else thinking BABA YAGA?!?!? OMG

Anyone, you should totally read this book. Your life will be better if you do.










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