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Book Review Tuesday (9/27/16)-One White Dolphin

Hello, everyone! September went by so fast…

Anyway, here’s your book review. This book was very powerful. A must for all animal lovers!


Kara lives in a small town on the coast of the UK. Her mother disappeared when she was younger, and she lives with her father, aunt, and half-sister Daisy. Fishing has been hard, and the fishermen hope to dredge the reef. But Kara and her family, in honor of her animal-loving mother, want to protect the reef for future generations. So when an albino dolphin calf washes ashore, Kara and the others must protect the reef not only for the sake of their village-but so that the calf might survive.


Like I said, super powerful, touching, and heartwarming. Love! 🐬

Bye, and have a happy rest of your September!



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