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Book Review Tuesday (10/4/16)- Fog Diver (series)

Hello everyone! Introducing the first BRT of October! I finished this two-book series in late September, and enjoyed it a lot. I hope you do too. If you read it, that is. You definetely should.


The Fog Diver

Set in a future where lethal white fumes called the Fog have shrouded the earth, leaving only the  mountain peaks exposed. On the tops, five families battle for space and resources, ruled by the infamous Lord Kodoc. On the very bottom are the junkyards, where those with less resources eek out a living. Chess lives in the junkyard, where he and his crew, Hazel, Swedish and Bea operate a salvage raft to retrieve objects in the fog. Chess is special- he was born with the fog in his eye, allowing him to survive in it. But Lord Kodoc knows this, and he’ll do anything to capture Chess…


The Lost Compass

Chess and his crew have made it to Port Oro, located at the tops of the mountains, without being captured by Lord Kodoc. There, they discover a secret- legend has it that hidden in the Fog is an ancient device that can stop the Fog forever. With Chess, it’ll be easier to find it, but Lord Kodoc also knows this secret…

Like I said, this is a wonderful series, filled with action, heart, and humor! Definetely for sci-fi fans or anyone who loves a good adventure.






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