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Book Review Tuesday (10/11/16)- Going Wild

I was so excited to be able to read this book! I had it on hold for at least 4 months on the kindle library. Great book! Not disappointing!


Going Wild

Charlie’s life isn’t so great right now. She just moved from Chicago to Phoenix, and the last thing she wants is to leave all of her friends there. But when looking through her packages from the move, she finds a mysterious bracelet. None of her friends or family gave it to her. Mistaking it for an ordinary athletic bracelet, she puts it on and takes it to soccer practice. Shortly after, the strangest things begin to happen- she suddenly possesses the speed of a cheetah, the healing powers of a starfish, and the strength of an elephant. Can she keep her powers a secret? And who gave her the bracelet in the first place?


This is an awesome book for animal-lovers and comic-lovers alike! A short but AWESOME read!

Bye for now!




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