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Book Review Tuesday (10/18/16)-Mars Evacuees

Hello everyone! Just another slightly chilly, pretty, aesthetic day in October. Perfect time to…uh…read some sci-fi?


But here you go!


(Forgive the pixellation of the cover)

Mars Evacuees

Set about 15 years into the future, where the polar icecaps are encroaching farther and farther south, caused by an alien race that has begun to colonize Earth. Alice Dare (not Alistair, people, get it right) has been chosen, along many other kids in the world, to evacuate to a space station on Mars. Life on the space station is relatively normal (and pretty boring) until…all of the adults mysteriously disappear. Now, Alice and her friends Carl and Josephine are stuck on Mars. Can they survive Mars- and they aliens that could be hiding in every corner?


To tell you the truth, this book was a little slow at first, but trust on the fact that it gets better. Mostly the aliens. But yeah. A great sci-fi read!



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