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Book Review Tuesday (11/8/16)-Fortune Falls

Hi, everyone!

Because of  all the stressful Presidential Election stuff going on tonight, I encourage you to do three things:

  1. Binge-watch kitten videos.
  2. Listen to relaxing and distracting music.
  3. Read a good book.

You can look at my previous BRT posts to find stuff for #3, and this will be one too.


Fortune Falls

The small town of Fortune Falls is an incredibly special town. Why? Because in Fortune Falls, superstitions are real. So, spotting a black cat or stepping on a sidewalk crack is serious business. The people of Fortune Falls are separated in two- the Luckies and the Unluckies. One of these Unluckies is eleven (soon to be twelve) year old Sadie Bleeker, whose bad luck can’t seem to leave her alone. While hatching a plan to reverse her bad luck, she accidentally breaks a mirror, setting off a seven-year curse. Can she still turn the tides in her favor?

This was a very original and fun book that’s perfect for fans of Upside Down Magic (see Book Review Tuesday, 6/21/16)!

Have a good night, and try not to stress out a lot!



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