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Book Review Tuesday (11/1/16)-Awkward

Hi guys! Happy November and (Day One) of the Day of the Dead! I ate a sugar skull yesterday in Spanish class 💀

Anyway, this was a great graphic novel that pretty much everyone will (and should) love!61yATZrvzjL._SX346_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg


Peppi Torres is the new kid at Berrybrook Middle School. On her first day, she trips and is noticed by Jaime, who is frequently teased, in the hall, the mean kids start calling her names. So, she has no choice…but to shove Jaime away. Trying to forget about the incident, she joins the school’s art club, and is immediately washed up in their war with the science club. Can the art club stand triumphant over their rival  and get their comic published in the school newspaper? And can she work things out with Jaime?


I’m pretty sure this is the first graphic novel I’ve read since Ghosts (see Book Review Tuesday, 9/20/16), and I liked almost just as much! The art was great, the story was great, the characters were hilarious, and Jaime Thompson looks suspicioulsy like my brother did when he was in 6th Grade…*

To give you a little idea, here’s a section I thought was SUPER FUNNY!

Maribella Samson is a stalker.jpg

Have a great November!


*I would show his picture from then, but he’d probably murder me a thousand times if I did.



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