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Book Review Tuesday (11/22/16)- Spirit’s Key

Hey everyone! If you’re on Thanksgiving Break, hope you’re having a great one! If you’re not, I still hope you’re doing great.

The book that I’m reviewing today is one that (yet again) I found on the holy & wonderful Goodreads, and I bought it one day after finding it there at the also holy & wonderful Barnes and Noble. I was surprised at how good it was! On Goodreads, I rated it 4 stars (which would be about a 7.5 to an 8 on the Madeline Todd Book Rating Scale). Hope you enjoy this book!


Also, recognize the cover art? It’s the same person who did the cover on the edition of Doll Bones (See Happy Birthday, Neon Cheetah!), Eliza Wheeler. I love the art on both of them. ANYWAY…now for the REVIEW.

Spirit’s Key

Spirit Holden may seem like  just another oridinary girl living on Bald Island. But she’s not- her family has the power to see the future through house keys. Problem is, Spirit still hasn’t inherited this gift of foresight. She thinks it could be because her beloved dog Sky has just died, but she doesn’t know for certain. But soon, more of Bald Island’s dogs become ill and start dying, Spirit knows she has to find the culprit. Even worse, now that the dogs are dying, some of the people are getting sick, too. Can she cure the dogs before they die out altogether?

As I said before, this is an astonishing book for all! I definitely recommend it to all of you!

Well, bye for now!



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