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Book Review Tuesday (11/29/16)- The Flame in the Mist

Hey, everyone, and welcome to the last Book Review Tuesday of November 2016.

The book I’m reviewing today was a bit of a surprise. I found it on Goodreads a few months ago, and then a few weeks ago, I put it on hold at the library just to get something off my to-read list. I re-read the description, and I thought, hmm…this seems a little disappointing…

But I was very wrong.

VERY wrong.

The Flame in the Mist scored four stars on Goodreads, which on my Book Rating Scale would rate about a 7.5 to an 8! Woot woot!

I hope you like it!

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 4.31.23 PM.png

The Flame in the Mist

As far as she knows, Jemma was born into the ruling family of  Anglavia, a land covered by a fatal mist, the Agromonds. But she just doesn’t seem like them. Her hair stands out like a raging flame perched on her head (hence her nickname, “Flamehead”), and she is reluctant to participate in the weekly ceremonies in which the Agromond family summon the dark spirit Scagavay. But she uncovers a startling secret, she has to escape the castle, accompanied only by her two telepathic rats, Noodle and Pie, her friend Digby, and with only a magic stone necklace and a book to guide and protect her. Will she find her true parents and discover her true origins without being caught by the Agromonds?


For all fantasy lovers (and maybe even WondLa fans-Jemma kind of reminded me of Eva Nine), this is the book for you!

See you guys in DECEMBER! Man, this year went by so fast…GOOD RIDDANCE. 2016 sort of sucked, don’t you agree?

I promise I’ll make another post later on and elaborate on that.



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