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Book Review Tuesday (12/6/16)- The Thing About Jellyfish

Hey everyone, and welcome to the first Book Review Tuesday of this December! One of my favorite things to do in cold weather like this (where I live, a balmy 13 degrees currently. URGH!!!!) is to get in pajamas, drink hot chocolate, and read a book. This book has virtually nothing to do with winter things, really, so what better thing to read? Isn’t it so fun to read books that have nothing to do with the current season? Plus, it was absolutely awesome!


The Thing about Jellyfish

Recently, Suzy’s best friend drowned and died on vacation. After a trip to the aquarium, she becomes convinced that the drowning wasn’t the whole story. She was a good swimmer, so how could she have drowned? Suzy’s conclusion-she was stung by a jellyfish. Eager to learn more, she begins her science project on jellyfish. But she still wants more. All she needs is to find someone who’s an expert on jellyfish stings-even if that means traveling to Australia totally alone. Nothing can stop her now. Can she find out the truth about her friend’s death?

I thought this book was REALLY GOOD! I gave it the same rating as The Flame in the Mist (see my last post). Plus, for all you animal freaks (and fans of the My Life is a Zoo series), there’s plenty of SUPERCOOL JELLYFISH FACTS!!! HOW I ADORE ANIMAL FACTS!!!

I hope you enjoyed my review! Have a happy December, and be sure to stay warm!



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