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Book Review Tuesday (1/17/17)- My Year of Epic Rock

Hey, everyone! Don’t worry, this isn’t a depressing book. I know I depressed you all with On Bowie… (well, SORR-EEEEE, IT’S BOWIE, FOR GOODNESS SAKE’S). So anyway, here you go!



My Year of Epic Rock

7th Grade is tough. But when you’ve got severe peanut allergies AND your best friend just dumped you for the new girl, it’s even tougher than tough. That’s what Nina’s life is like right now. With no one left to hang out with, she resorts to sitting at the allergy-free table. There, she finds unexpected friends, and together, they form a band-The EpiPens. But can she juggle the band and trying to get her former BFF to like her again, as well as allergies? And will the EpiPens get noticed and liked at the upcoming talent show?


Even if you don’t have any food allergies (I don’t, personally-for me, it’s just pollen), this is a funny and relatable feel-good fiction. (OOOH boy…I’ll stop with the excessive alliterations.) I’d also recommend it to anyone in 7th grade that LOVES rock music.

Enjoy the book, and happy January!



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