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Book Review Tuesday (1/24/17)- Belly Up

Hello everyone! I hope you’re staying warm and not losing hope this January! I finished this book…last Saturday (I think), and I enjoyed it! It’s one of the first mystery books I’ve read this year (other than Trenton Lee Stewart’s The Mysterious Benedict Society, which was kinda meh. I also checked out Robin Stevens’ Murder is Bad Manners, which I have yet to read). So here you go!


Belly Up

The grand opening of the world famous zoo FunJungle has just happened, but already disaster has struck. Henry the hippopotamus, FunJungle’s official mascot, has died under mysterious circumstances. The workers claim that he died of natural causes, but Teddy Fitzroy, a twelve-year old boy whos parents work at FunJungle, suspects otherwise. Can he catch the culprit and find out Henry’s cause of death before more animals drop dead?


This was definitely a very interesting mystery, and I might read more of the series (to my knowledge, there are three other books, one of which is coming out either this year or 2018).  I’d recommend Belly Up to anyone who is passionate about animals and who loves a riveting mystery. If you read it, I hope you enjoy it! Ciao for now! 😉

(Oh, COME ON, Apple! Seriously? All the new stuff for iOS 10 and still no hippo emojis? This is injustice!!!! 😠)



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