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Book Review Tuesday (6/6/17)-Friends With Boys

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve had a good June so far! I know I have. I’ve basically spent the entire summer just reading…and maybe going out to the pool or the movies or running an errand or two…but mostly just reading. Anyway, the graphic novel I’m reviewing today was one of six I picked up at the library at the beginning of the summer, and I loved it! I read it twice! So, without further ado…book review!


Friends With Boys

For her entire education, Maggie McKay has been homeschooled. But now, she has been thrust into the dark world of public education for the first time-otherwise known as high school. So far, all is relatively well. Maggie’s made a few friends (Alistair and Lucy), and her three brothers are always there for her, but then…

…the ghost comes.

This ghost has been following Maggie in secret her whole life, and has decided to show her face once again. But why? And does she have anything to do with the strange artifacts at the museum?


I absolutely loved this graphic novel! The art was so cute, and the story was very intriguing and funny, and it was all just a super fun experience. I’d say this isn’t exactly a summer read, but maybe more of a beginning-of-school-or-whatever read? I don’t know. What with Maggie starting high school and stuff and…okay just ignore me.

I hope you have a great rest of your week! Thank you for reading!

Also, before you go, you guys should all see Wonder Woman. I may or may not do a post about it, but IT WAS SO FLIPPIN GOOOOOOOD





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