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Book Review Tuesday (6/13/17)-Circa Now

Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful June and enjoying the summer…minus those times when it gets to be, like, 90 DEGREES OUTSIDE *vampire hissing* *plant withering noises* HISSSSSSSSSSS

Anyway, I just finished this book yesterday (after finishing the novelization of Rogue One, which, by the way, is wonderful), and I thought it was pretty cool. I hope you guys do too!


Circa Now

Circa Monroe has looked up to her father her whole life. His job is to restore old pictures on Photoshop, and he has taught her many of his photo tricks. But after answering a mysterious phone call requesting for a delivery, he is killed in a car accident. Circa is devastated, but stranger things are to come. For instance, a boy shows up in the Monroe’s front yard with no memory of his past life. But what he does have may help Circa and her mother find out about her father’s tragedy…


I thought this was a pretty interesting book, great for anyone who wants a nice, quick summer read (or just a quick read, for that matter). Also, there are hilarious photoshopped pictures after some of the chapters, which are ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! All in all, a nice book.


I hope you enjoyed my review, and have a bookish summer!



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