Book Review Tuesday (8/29/17)-Fear the Drowning Deep

Hey there, everyone, and welcome to the very last BRT of August 2017! I hope you guys have had a great August (and a great year in general) and read LOTS OF BOOKS! Here’s just another one to add to your to-read pile (Oops, I think I used “to” too much in one sentence…)! Enjoy!


Fear the Drowning Deep

You’d think that living on an island your whole life-specifically, the Isle of Man-would make you used to and comfortable with the ocean that surrounds you. Not Bridey Corkill. Ever since her grandfather drowned when she was nine, Bridey’s had an intense fear of the ocean. Now, young girls are disappearing from her small town, and those that return are dead. Stranger still is Fynn, a strange boy who washes ashore soon after one of the girls, whose origins are unknown. As Bridey is apprenticed to the local witch, she begins to uncover strange secrets, and possibly even answers to why the girls are going missing-and what Fynn really is. But some secrets aren’t meant to be washed ashore…


I thought this book was really interesting, especially the mythological aspect. All of the uh—OOPS, I ALMOST JUST SPOILED SOMETHING…okay, I’ll just leave you at that. Still, great book. I encourage that you check it out! *confidential whisper* YOU HEARD NOTHING

Anyway, have a wonderful day, and I’ll see you in September!




Book Review Tuesday (8/22/17)-Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain

Hey there, everyone!

Well then, summer’s over, schools’ begun, the solar eclipse happened (I got to see it-even the totality!!!! So amazing), and TODAY’S MY FOURTEENTH BIRTHDAY! I’m too lazy this time to post my presents, but I got some new clothes, a Wonder Woman poster, and some other awesome stuff. Now, without further ado, here’s your book review! (HEEEEEEY, THAT RHYMES! *pointless giddiness*)


(Sorry, this was the best pic I could find)

Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain

In San Fransisco, superheroes keep the peace. Some of those superheroes happen to be the parents of thirteen-year-old Penelope Akk, who dreams of being a superhero just like them. The only thing is, she has no powers. Then, when trying to slap together a project for the Science Fair, she discovers she has a talent for mad science. Penny uses this power to create The Inscrutable Machine, a device that follows her everywhere and can turn any object back into the raw materials it was made of. But after an accident involving another local sidekick and Penny’s two friends-Ray and Claire-the public calls them supervillains. At first, Penny is disappointed, but soon discovers she is better at being a villain than she thought. Now, she and her friends are thrown into the crazy world of villainy…let’s just hope her parents never find out.


I thought this book was great! I generally don’t read many superhero books (as opposed to comics), but this was probably the best superhero book I’ve read! To my knowledge, there’s three other books in the series. I’m not sure if it’s ongoing, but that would be pretty cool. Once I get the chance to read them, I’ll try and review them here. 😉


I hope you guys have a great night and a happy August!

Book Review Tuesday (8/15/17)-Page by Paige

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve had a very wonderful and booky summer! (Speaking of summer…NOOOOO IT’S ALMOST OVER AND I HAVE TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL IN ABOUT A WEEK!!!!)


Anyway, let’s just enjoy the precious little time we have left and read some books. Man, it went by so fast…

I hope you enjoy my book review! (Also, ignore the corny title of the book. The book itself makes up for it.)


Page by Paige

Paige Turner has always been the odd one out in her family, born to two authors (hence the name, Paige Turner *ba dum TSSSSS*). But Paige has always had her head in the clouds-or her sketchbook. And now, she and her family are moving to New York. Paige simultaneously explores the big city and the thoughts in her head, sketching everything down and following the rules and tips her artist grandmother laid out for her. Paige soon finds three friends-Jules, Longo, and Gabe-but can she summon the courage to reveal her artist self?


I just LOVED Page by Paige! It’s probably one of my favorite graphic novels I’ve read this year (up there with Nimona). The art style is wonderful, and the character of Paige is very relatable for me, personally. Artist or not, you’re sure to love this book.


Thank you so much for reading, and have a wonderful day!


(Also, I really just want to put a few gifs here because I just rewatched Hellboy II-The Golden Army on Sunday…)

Hellboy vs possessed lockers.gifOh, it's Friday.GIFMy body's a temple.gifJohann.gif

*high pitched voice* I’m not a baby, I’m a tumor…

(I swear I’m normal…)

Mermaid (or something): Late night drawings and biological analysis (sort of)

(Well that  was one heck of a weird title…)

So last night, after watching the first two Hunger Games movies (which were awesome), I had a little time before I had to go to bed. So I decided to draw. Normally, I draw fictional characters about 75% of the time, but I couldn’t think of anyone to draw. But eventually, this squirmed its way out of my head and onto the page of my sketchbook:

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 12.20.35 PM.png

I still have no idea what prompted it, but I love it anyway.

As I said on my Instagram post, I knew that this wouldn’t end with just one drawing. I mean, HOW COULD IT? I mean, LOOK AT THAT MERMAID THING!

…Mermaid thing???



And then this happened…




I had a lot of fun drawing and designing this mermaid. There were a few points I definitely wanted to discuss (here comes the “biological analysis” part), so here goes!

DISCLAIMER: Though I have been a total zoology nerd basically since I could read, I am not completely knowledgeable on this topic. Some of this information might not be completely true, just to let you know. 

In general, I wanted this mermaid to look more fishlike than human, so there are a lot of things that I took from various fish species to piece her together. For example:

-The ears. Most fish do have ears, but they are very small and different from ours. They use not only their ears but their lateral lines to sense sounds in the water.



-The stripes. When I initially drew the mermaid the first time, she was very colorful, with horizontal stripes. I based her off this general image I had in my mind of a tropical fish of similar color and pattern, but when I googled such a fish, it didn’t exist. (**** you, imagination…) But, I did find a fish similar to my vision, albeit with horizontal stripes as opposed to vertical ones.


-The mouth. Realistically, if I were to steer in the far fishier direction, the mouth would probably be bigger, and the lips wider. The teeth were a rather confusing point, because when I googled “fish teeth”…


Let’s just say that you should never google such things. *shivers*

So I just went with small teeth.

-As far as the nose goes, I just put little slits.

-The head fin and tail, I discovered, are not only similar to each other, but similar to leaves of kelp (which the mermaid’s leg band things and dress are made of). I suppose this could possibly be a form of camoflauge. Maybe this mermaid lives in a kelp forest.

-Lastly, I’ve been kind of in self-debate about this for a little while, but I can’t decide whether my version of mermaids would lay eggs (I imagined them like shark or dogfish eggs-HEY, PEOPLE SOMETIMES CALL THOSE MERMAID’S PURSES! MAYBE I’M ONTO SOMETHING!) or if they would give birth to live young, like mammals. Either way, this mermaid has no visible breasts, which would be a mammalian trait. I’m still unsure about that. I suppose either one would work, but…hmm… *strokes imaginary goatee in thought*


Well, that just about wraps it up. Thank you for reading!

EDIT: The mermaid now has a name (or nickname), thanks to my dad: Abigail Sapien (like Abe Sapien) 😉





And just when you thought they were over…

They’re back…


*evil cackling*


Catwoman (The Batman)

Poison Ivy.jpg

Poison Ivy (The Batman)


Batgirl (The Batman)


Robin (The Batman)


Batman (The Batman)

(Okay, I promise there are no more The Batman  fan arts, don’t worry…)

Abe Sapien.jpg

Abe Sapien!!! (Hellboy)


Hellboy (Hellboy)


Liz Sherman (Hellboy)

Baby Hellboy.jpg

BABY HELLBOY (Sorry, there are no pamcakes…)


Emily (The Corpse Bride)

Elsa van Helsing.jpg

Elsa Van Helsing (Frankenweenie)

And the stars look very different today.jpg

An experimentation in hand-lettering and a chance to let the insane Bowie fangirl in me loose. (The quote is from “Space Oddity”)


Victor Frankenstein (aka my fictional boyfriend <3<3<3) (Frankenweenie)

Luna Lovegood.jpgHermione.jpgSnape.JPG

Luna Lovegood, Hermione Granger, and Severus Snape (all drawn for HP’s birthday)

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 1.48.58 PM.png

Rey (Star Wars)


Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Jack Skellington.jpg

Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Muthr 06.JPG

Muthr 06 (The Search for WondLa)

Also, just because, here’s an amazing Harry Potter meme I found…34c0fd76bafaff75eeaafc0818afe91d.jpg


Thanks for looking at/tolerating the sheer amount of fan arts I just posted, and have a good day!





Book Review Tuesday (8/8/17)-Serafina and the Splintered Heart

Hey there, everyone! Tomorrow is National Book Lover’s Day, which is pretty great, so here’s a great book I read over the weekend. It was incredibly anticipated since about last year (when book 2 came out), and unlike book 2, it did not disappoint. (Book 2 was still good, mind you, but not as good as book 1.) So, without further ado, here is your book review!


Serafina and the Splintered Heart

Strange things are afoot once more at Biltmore Estate. And Serafina is feeling equally strange. After waking up buried alive in a coffin on Biltmore grounds, she escapes to find that no one seems to notice her. In fact, everyone thinks she is missing, but only her close friend Braeden knows the truth-she died at the hand of Rowena, the sorceress daughter of Uriah. Meanwhile, the Estate is being pelted with raging storms and floods like never before, putting it in terrible danger. Can Serafina somehow make herself noticed-and stop whatever black magic is behind the happenings at Biltmore?


Overall, I thought this was a great conclusion to this series.* As I said earlier, I liked it better than Serafina and the Twisted Staff (See Book Review Tuesday-9/5/16). But, nothing can really compare to the utter mind-blowing awesomeness of Serafina and the Black Cloak (See Book Review Tuesday-4/26/16). From most of the reviews on Goodreads that I’ve seen, most people are satisfied, as I was, with this third book. And I hope all you other Serafina fans out there are satisfied too. 😉


Anyway, thank you so much for reading, and have a great day! Don’t forget to keep on reading!









*In the author’s note, Beatty said that there would be more books to come set near/in Serafina’s world (Serafinaverse? I kinda like that name), but no more actually focused on Serafina. All we know so far is that the first book is going to be called Willa of the Wood. 

WondLa Myers-Briggs! (Reprise)

As I said in my last post, I’ve made some changes to the WondLa MBTI chart that I posted a few months ago (I deleted it). I switched around a few of the types, Redimus is now an INTJ, and I put the types in a reasonable order. I also made it look *fancier* as well. So, without further ado, here you go!

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 1.07.26 PM.png

Now that I’ve made some changes, Rovender is an ISTJ-and I am an ISTJ! Yay!

Feel free to tell me your character/type in the comments, and I hope you liked this!

Also, I’ll try and make the Wings of Fire MBTI happen soonish!!! 😉