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Book Review Tuesday (8/22/17)-Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain

Hey there, everyone!

Well then, summer’s over, schools’ begun, the solar eclipse happened (I got to see it-even the totality!!!! So amazing), and TODAY’S MY FOURTEENTH BIRTHDAY! I’m too lazy this time to post my presents, but I got some new clothes, a Wonder Woman poster, and some other awesome stuff. Now, without further ado, here’s your book review! (HEEEEEEY, THAT RHYMES! *pointless giddiness*)


(Sorry, this was the best pic I could find)

Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain

In San Fransisco, superheroes keep the peace. Some of those superheroes happen to be the parents of thirteen-year-old Penelope Akk, who dreams of being a superhero just like them. The only thing is, she has no powers. Then, when trying to slap together a project for the Science Fair, she discovers she has a talent for mad science. Penny uses this power to create The Inscrutable Machine, a device that follows her everywhere and can turn any object back into the raw materials it was made of. But after an accident involving another local sidekick and Penny’s two friends-Ray and Claire-the public calls them supervillains. At first, Penny is disappointed, but soon discovers she is better at being a villain than she thought. Now, she and her friends are thrown into the crazy world of villainy…let’s just hope her parents never find out.


I thought this book was great! I generally don’t read many superhero books (as opposed to comics), but this was probably the best superhero book I’ve read! To my knowledge, there’s three other books in the series. I’m not sure if it’s ongoing, but that would be pretty cool. Once I get the chance to read them, I’ll try and review them here. 😉


I hope you guys have a great night and a happy August!



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