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Book Review Tuesday (8/29/17)-Fear the Drowning Deep

Hey there, everyone, and welcome to the very last BRT of August 2017! I hope you guys have had a great August (and a great year in general) and read LOTS OF BOOKS! Here’s just another one to add to your to-read pile (Oops, I think I used “to” too much in one sentence…)! Enjoy!


Fear the Drowning Deep

You’d think that living on an island your whole life-specifically, the Isle of Man-would make you used to and comfortable with the ocean that surrounds you. Not Bridey Corkill. Ever since her grandfather drowned when she was nine, Bridey’s had an intense fear of the ocean. Now, young girls are disappearing from her small town, and those that return are dead. Stranger still is Fynn, a strange boy who washes ashore soon after one of the girls, whose origins are unknown. As Bridey is apprenticed to the local witch, she begins to uncover strange secrets, and possibly even answers to why the girls are going missing-and what Fynn really is. But some secrets aren’t meant to be washed ashore…


I thought this book was really interesting, especially the mythological aspect. All of the uh—OOPS, I ALMOST JUST SPOILED SOMETHING…okay, I’ll just leave you at that. Still, great book. I encourage that you check it out! *confidential whisper* YOU HEARD NOTHING

Anyway, have a wonderful day, and I’ll see you in September!





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