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Book Review Tuesday (4/17/18)-Arclight

Hey, everyone, and welcome to today’s Book Review Tuesday!

I just recently returned this book to the library (*sniffle*). My expectations were a little low (I forget why), but this book surprised me with its intricate plot, compelling characters, and plentiful twists and turns! I hope you like Arclight as much as I did. Enjoy the review!



In a dystopian, future Earth, the world is divided into three sections. First is the Arclight, mankind’s only defense from a dangerous outside world. Then there is the Gray, the uninhabitable wasteland, and beyond that, the Dark, where dangerous monsters, called the Fade, dwell. No one goes beyond the Arclight, and nobody comes back from the Dark alive…

…all except for Marina.

Marina has no idea of who she is, what her previous life was like, or how she is still alive. And now, the Fade want her back in their realm. Will she be the savior of mankind, or instigate a new era?



Incredibly fast-paced, gripping, and powerful, Arclight exceeded all of my expectations. Such an exciting read! I won’t spoil anything, but I’ll just tell you that your mind will probably be blown by the twist at the end. In short, I enjoyed this book immensely.


Have a great rest of your day, and stay warm…or cool…whatever the weather. You never know, at this point. (For me, it was nice and warm in the morning, but it just started snowing…)



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