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Book Review Tuesday (4/24/18)-Daughter of the Siren Queen

Hi there, everyone, and welcome to the last BRT of April 2018!

This book review will be on the spectacular sequel to Daughter of the Pirate King (see 4/10/18). If Daughter of the Pirate King was amazing, this book was downright spectacular-all of the wit, action, and fun, but with the volume turned up. Kind of a similar situation to the one I had with the Arc of a Scythe series so far, except that Daughter of the Siren Queen didn’t leave me speechless (or slightly dead inside), and it didn’t quite merit a five-star rating. But I’d say it came pretty close.

Enjoy the review!


Daughter of the Siren Queen (Daughter of the Pirate King, #2)

Alosa has now recovered all of the pieces to the ancient treasure map, reclaimed her status as the captain of her own ship, the Ava-lee, and gotten her revenge on her kidnappers.But after one of her old foes reveals a well-kept secret about her father, the Pirate King Kalligan, she is now back in danger. Now locked a deadly race against her father, Alosa and her faithful crew must recover the famed treasure…before it’s too late.


(NOTE: If I could only find a gif or YouTube clip, I would most definitely insert the “Huzzah, I’m the pirate king!” thing from MST3K right here. Sigh…)


In short, what an oustanding book! Not only was Alosa just as witty as always, but I loved getting to know her crew even more. I’m so sad that this is the end, for now…Tricia Levenseller announced on Goodreads that this series is, in fact, a duology.


*single tear trickles down cheek*


Well anyway, have a great rest of your day, everyone!



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