Book Review Tuesday (1/24/17)- Belly Up

Hello everyone! I hope you’re staying warm and not losing hope this January! I finished this book…last Saturday (I think), and I enjoyed it! It’s one of the first mystery books I’ve read this year (other than Trenton Lee Stewart’s The Mysterious Benedict Society, which was kinda meh. I also checked out Robin Stevens’ Murder is Bad Manners, which I have yet to read). So here you go!


Belly Up

The grand opening of the world famous zoo FunJungle has just happened, but already disaster has struck. Henry the hippopotamus, FunJungle’s official mascot, has died under mysterious circumstances. The workers claim that he died of natural causes, but Teddy Fitzroy, a twelve-year old boy whos parents work at FunJungle, suspects otherwise. Can he catch the culprit and find out Henry’s cause of death before more animals drop dead?


This was definitely a very interesting mystery, and I might read more of the series (to my knowledge, there are three other books, one of which is coming out either this year or 2018).  I’d recommend Belly Up to anyone who is passionate about animals and who loves a riveting mystery. If you read it, I hope you enjoy it! Ciao for now! 😉

(Oh, COME ON, Apple! Seriously? All the new stuff for iOS 10 and still no hippo emojis? This is injustice!!!! 😠)


why even

So today is…

I don’t even want to say it. Nevermind.

But anyway, to calm your Trump-related stress, I have compiled some cat memes that will cheer you up.



And today, I did a bit of nonviolent protesting.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 3.56.48 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-20 at 3.56.54 PM.png

Oh yeeeeeah.

So now, here are the memes.



pull cord.jpg

must not giggle.jpgbad luck.jpgrow row row your boat.jpgmatching socks.jpgimma boop your head.jpginvisible movie explosion.pngforgot how to cat.jpgroswell.jpgsynchronized napping.jpgeverything will be okay.jpgpurr-pendicular.jpgmath.jpgnew kitten.jpgrap battles.pngsong.pngu killed da spidey.png

Have a somewhat happy rest of your day. We’re stronger together, peeps. ❤️

Book Review Tuesday (1/17/17)- My Year of Epic Rock

Hey, everyone! Don’t worry, this isn’t a depressing book. I know I depressed you all with On Bowie… (well, SORR-EEEEE, IT’S BOWIE, FOR GOODNESS SAKE’S). So anyway, here you go!



My Year of Epic Rock

7th Grade is tough. But when you’ve got severe peanut allergies AND your best friend just dumped you for the new girl, it’s even tougher than tough. That’s what Nina’s life is like right now. With no one left to hang out with, she resorts to sitting at the allergy-free table. There, she finds unexpected friends, and together, they form a band-The EpiPens. But can she juggle the band and trying to get her former BFF to like her again, as well as allergies? And will the EpiPens get noticed and liked at the upcoming talent show?


Even if you don’t have any food allergies (I don’t, personally-for me, it’s just pollen), this is a funny and relatable feel-good fiction. (OOOH boy…I’ll stop with the excessive alliterations.) I’d also recommend it to anyone in 7th grade that LOVES rock music.

Enjoy the book, and happy January!

On Bowie

(NOTE-The reason I’m posting this a year later is because I never ended up doing on close to the actual date. I admit, I was kind of flustered.)

Sure, yeah, it’s been a year.

But somehow, it feels  like yesterday.

David Bowie, for me at least, was one of the saddest deaths in 2016. He just meant so much to me and was a pretty big part of my life. Of course, it’s pretty obvious that I wasn’t born in the 70’s or 80’s, but even so, I grew up with him. In fact, one of my first memories (I consider it to be around my second memory) involved David Bowie.

All I know about it are these things:

-I was in the car

-My whole family was with me

-“Kooks” was playing

I remember listening to “Kooks” a lot when I was little. Though it isn’t one of his most famous songs, it is definitely high up on my “Nostalgic Childhood Songs” list. And that’s just the beginning. I’ve heard so many Bowie songs in my life, and a huge number of them have some sort of sentimental value for me. For instance, I remember having a phase when I was about eight where all I wanted to hear was “Changes”. My dad also showed me live videos of David Bowie performing it, and I always enjoyed it. I remember when I was nine, when my family stayed in Mexico for three weeks, going to sleep and listening to “Space Oddity” on my brother’s iPod (then hearing another version on the car ride from the airport). I remember hearing “Blackstar” in the car for the first time. I was really weirded out at the time, and the fact that it was nighttime enhanced that. There are so many more, but…

….now we come to January 11, 2016.

It was destined to be like any other drab Monday. I got in the car, and I waited for my brother and dad to follow. They did, and then my dad broke the news.

I remember a feeling of total speechlessness and shock. I don’t recall if I said anything or not, but then we pulled out of the garage, and my dad turned on “Lazarus”. We listened to David Bowie the whole ride to school.

At school, my best friend and I, who share a love of Bowie, made a memorial on a whiteboard. It was shaped like a tombstone, and it read:

R.I.P. David Bowie

There was never a better king of the universe.

{We signed our names here}

Then, we wrote “WHY” a bunch of times around the tombstone. Sadly the memorial was later erased for a math class. *hisssssss*

I’ve hinted multiple times this year that I couldn’t get over it. I doubt I ever will. But I will always remember him. We all will. He changed the world in such a wonderful way, and gave us the beauty of his heart, mind, and soul in music. One thing’s for sure, though…

I promise it won't be boring.png

I hope you’re having a wonderful time far above the world, Starman. Goodnight.

Book Review Tuesday (1/10/17)- Hunters of Chaos (series)

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the HISTORIC first BRT of the year!!! 🎉 🎉 🎉

I read these two amazing books while in Florida and enjoyed them immensely. Both would score about an 8.75 on the Madeline Todd Book Rating Scale.


Hunters of Chaos

Ana Cetzal’s life takes an unexpected turn when she gets accepted into a boarding school in  New Mexico, where her dead parents went when they were her age. At first, it’s pretty much all as she expects it to be-hot weather, mean rich girls, and a roommate who happens to be one of those mean rich girls (ugh). But soon, strange things begin to happen- mysterious storms and earthquakes are happening at the school! And to top it all off, Ana discovers that she, along with three other girls-Shani, Doli, and Lin-are connected to the gods and goddesses of ancient civilizations. Now, with their newfound powers of shapeshifting into big cats, and along with their teacher Ms. Benitez (who happens to be a Mayan goddess), they must stop the Brotherhood of Chaos, led by the god Anubis, who want the world to bow to them once again. Can they stop Anubis and the Brotherhood before it’s too late?


Hunters of Chaos: Circle of Lies

The Brotherhood of Chaos has been stopped (for now), and all seems well…until Ana receives a mysterious phone call and finds out that her aunt and uncle have disappeared! And just as her friends try to help, Shani is falsely accused of vandalizing the school and is expelled. Shani now has to go to Mumbai to visit her father, and has been banned by her father from using her electronics. Meanwhile, Ana, Doli, and Lin are at Chichen Itza trying to find Ana’s lost aunt and uncle, but instead they find out that Anubis isn’t done with them yet. Strange things are happening in Mumbai as well, and the girls suspect that they may be connected. Can they figure out the source of the mysterious occurences and stop Anubis?


I would recommend this book for fans of Rick Riordan and anyone who loves good humor, strong heroines, and cats.

Bye for now, and READ THIS SERIES!

Florida! (Again)

Hi again, everyone! Happy 2017!

I have just returned from my annual family sojourn in Florida, and it was very fun. I have LOTS of pictures to show you!


Yeah, that’s right…the soul-sucking doll is back. And this time, she was right…behind…my air mattress…


My grandma’s neighbors own cows, and they often come close to her property. I spent some time feeding them Spanish moss and grapefruit on the first day. MOO!


A monarch butterfly at Lithia Springs park.


Coquina Beach!


This is literally the saddest manatee ever. I would hardly be able that it was a manatee if it didn’t say “manatee” right next to it. Nice job…


Back at the Dalí! There was a Frida Kahlo exhibit this time, and this was from it. This is “The Chick”, which is now probably my favorite Kahlo.


“The Hallucinogenic Toreador”, my favorite Dalí painting.


Another one of my favorites, “The Ghost of Vermeer of Delft which can also be used as a Table”. Man, what a great name. Where can I get one of these?


I mustache you a question…but I’ll shave it for later.


Melting Clock bench selfie!


ARGH…THE PUNS!!!! Okay, maybe I’m being a bit of a hypocrite, but y’know.

So, I had a great time in Florida! I’ll be back on Tuesday with a book review! Ciao for now!