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July 2022 Wrap-Up 🫠

Happy Sunday, bibliophiles!

As you can see above, the melting emoji represents my slow melting, a la the Wicked Witch of the West, because July in Colorado always threatens to melt me into a slushy puddle. At least we got some rain. (And hail, one time? got enough that it looked like snow in certain parts of the yard…)


Hot as it was, I’d say that July was another good month of summer. I’ve had tons more time to read and relax, and even though college is always on my mind nowadays, the time off has been good to collect my thoughts. I’ve gone hiking a few times, seen some fun movies, and tried to exercise a little more.

I got to read tons this month, and although it was generally a mixed bag (a lot more books in the 3-star range than usual), I still found some gems in the mix. For Disability Pride Month, I tried to focus on books with disabled characters, and I’ve found some reads with great disability rep—including the first book I’ve ever read with SPD rep! (Thanks, Carolyn Mackler!!) Camp NanoWriMo is nearly over—it’s had its ups and downs (couldn’t find the stats page for a while and fell behind on my word count, hit command v instead of command b and accidentally pasted the whole Pinnochio trailer into my document), but I’m so close to 45,000 words now!!

Other than that, I’ve just been playing my guitar, recovering from the last two episodes of Stranger Things (OW), seeing Thor: Love and Thunder (pure Taika Waititi fun), drawing, and listening to an excess of Peter Gabriel.

Also, I figured I’d give everybody an update on Ringo, since I haven’t posted about him much since we got him; he’s 7 months old now and even more of a menace to society, but he has the sweetest face…

the face of a serial foot biter


I read 25 books this month! This is probably gonna be the most books I’ll be able to read in a month, since it’s the middle of summer. It was a mixed bag, as always, but I found a few amazing 5-star reads in the bunch.

1 – 1.75 stars:

Among Thieves

2 – 2.75 stars:

Fortune Favors the Dead

3 – 3.75 stars:

Breathe and Count Back from Ten

4 – 4.75 stars:

Not If I Can Help It

5 stars:

The Reckless Kind

FAVORITE BOOK OF THE MONTH: The Amazing Screw-On Head and Other Curious Objects – 5 stars

The Amazing Screw-On Head and Other Curious Objects




yeah spoiler alert I did listen to more Peter Gabriel
Kate Bush is hit or miss for me but when she hits it for me she HITS it
going through an 80’s period this month I guess??
HOOOOOOOOOOOWEE time go to back to my sad girl roots
I haven’t listened to much Japanese Breakfast but I fell in love with this one INSTANTLY
I really need to listen to more IDLES bc I’ve loved every song I’ve heard of theirs


  • Read at least 20 books: 25!
  • Get through Camp NaNoWriMo: We’ll see about that later tonight…


  • Get through the first few weeks of college (AAAAAA)
  • Enjoy my birthday (which also happens to be on the first day of classes…yeehaw😀)

Today’s song:

That’s it for this month in blogging! Have a wonderful rest of your day, and take care of yourselves!


book blogger, aspiring author, music nerd, comics fan, stargazer. ☆ she/her ☆ ISFJ ☆ bisexual ☆ spd ☆ art: @spacefacedraws

12 thoughts on “July 2022 Wrap-Up 🫠

  1. This is such a good wrap up post! You’ve clearly been super busy and I love all the music you included. I loved Harrow the Ninth lol (even if it fried my brain) but I’ll check out your review to see why you weren’t the biggest fan hah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you!!! glad you liked the music!! I didn’t end up reviewing Harrow but it was really kind of a sore disappointment for me—I liked book 1 a lot, but the combination of the switching POV tenses and how convoluted it was starting to get ultimately made it kind of a chore for me. 😦 shame, I liked Gideon the Ninth a lot


  2. I hope August is wonderful for you, and that your first classes go amazingly. I remember College being soooo different to anything else I had ever experienced. It’s also so much more relaxed than they make it sound in high school! Hopefully you find that to be the case, too!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. MADELINE!!! ok first of all i could not stop laughing when you said you accidentally pasted the entire pinocchio trailer into your wip that was hilarious but also CONGRATULATIONS ON 45K WORDS?? that’s insane i’m so proud of you!!! 💗 oh my god ringo is so ADORABLE 🥺 now that i’m back home in Bombay i am MISSING the amount of serotonin my doggies in London gave me and madeline that picture of ringo’s just too much he really does have the sweetest face i can’t stop fangirling 😭❤️

    25 books in a month is CRAZY i’m here crying from my slumpy 3 books a month rip 🤠 thank you so much for including my post bestieeee and OMG def checking out your brothers blog too!! happy birthday in advance – i hope you’re having an amazing august!! 💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. KDJFHSKJDHF glad my end-of-nanowrimo brainrot was amusing to more than just me 💀 and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
      YES he may be a serial foot biter but he does have the cutest face!!
      hey no shame for being in a book slump!! happens to the best of us. and of course—I always love your posts!! and yes go check out my brother’s blog!!
      have a great august!!

      Liked by 1 person

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