Book Review Tuesday (10/8/19)-DEV1AT3

Hey there, fellow bibliophiles, and welcome to today’s Book Review Tuesday!   As I hinted in a few previous posts (namely this one...), I read Jay Kristoff’s DEV1AT3 last week. And the final verdict? It’s even better than LIFEL1K3. Ten times more action, intrigue, witty quips, and gritty sci-fi fun. In no way did this book disappoint. (For my review …

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Book Review Tuesday (9/24/19)-LIFEL1K3

Hey, everyone, and welcome to this week’s Book Review Tuesday!   I’ve been a fan of Jay Kristoff’s work for a decent amount of time now, what with his co-authoring of the Illuminae Files (you can find my review here) and Aurora Rising (you can find that review here). So, naturally, I’ve been wanting to read LIFEL1K3 for a pretty long time. …

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